• Lord Brahma started this Yug.
  •  He saw, Earth is in the RASATAL or water,  AFTER   Dezasters(Pralay)
  • He saw,  nobody is here. except me only
  • He thought, suddenly, 
  • he sneezes and something came out from his nose.
  • It turned into the VARAH
  • HE thoughts,  What is it? 
  • VARAH went to RASATAL, in search of EARTH and dug and brought  it out and sattled in the mud.LORD VISHNU CAME IN the form of VARAH
  • Brahma thought to start new world,
  •  He made Manu and Shatrupa  for  the new world. 

At that time, 

the  brother

of Hiranyaksh

and Holika,

 was tortured to the people, then Prahlad,

 his son called Continuously VISHNU,VISHNU,

  • Hiranyakashyap said, I am God.
  • He punished his son,


is he?
  call him,

  why dont come to save you?  

I am God.

I  can  not die. Nobody can kill me.  

 Each person will say that your father 

  • is God,  

  • He abused contineously. He forced his son. 

 HE will not come.

It it my kingdom

No VISHNU not,

I am God.

 Where is,he,?

  What is he in the this pillar?

call him. 


yes, He is here.

He will come to save me.


the blessings of

Lord Brahma,that 

I can not die

by any man and animal,

 in any direction,


day nor night,

neither inside nor outside and

 by no arms.There is no place to kill mr

He became cruel. 

He tortured.

 He threw his son from mountain,

He boiled his son in oil, 

He crushed him under Elephant’s legs.

He burnt his son into fire with his aunt Holika. aunt,Holika.

Holika got a blessing by Lord Brahma, also. 

Holika’s body was fire proof. 

She was took a fire bath daily. 


became ash and Prahlad

remained safe.

After it,

He said to Prahlad,

 call his Vishnu.and,after it, 
 Lord Vishnu

 couldn’see his cruelity and

 came out from

the pillar. 
That pillar  became blast with a greatest thunder and 

 broke and burst, and NARSINGH appeared.

This creature was neither a man  nor animal. 

his face and nails

 were like a lionand body as a man. 

He picked up 

 and brought him

 at the margin of  maingate. 

At that time, 

it was dusk.

 That creatured put

 him on the 

theigh and 

teared his stomach

 by  sharp rude nails 

and finished


we enjoy this

 Holi festival at MONTH FALGUN. 




HE always listens

 those people who call him. 

It is last month of our calander. 

People says january feb.  but use



 Our festivals,




 functions, marriges, 

starting of things 

and crops also start 

from CHAITR Month. 

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