Step-by-step procedure for making AAYURVEDIC KADA for prevention from COVID19:-

It is very simple.but everyone knows that the wrong process of anything can be harmful.

*But you can make it easily at home. Now you should know , what is Corona?

*Corona is a PROTIEN COMPOUND, which is found in the earth .

*Its structure is similar like DNA of a man,

*When it move in the atmosphere

, *It sticks at man’s skin and comes in the man’s contact,

It becomes live and after mutation,

it multiplies and makes a lots of Corona.

*But when it comes in the labourers’s contact,It does not burst,because it always keeps lying in the soil and mud as well as, milk protien in milk.

*when we mix a little bite of salt in milk protien ,

*it turns in PANEER,

so,you can be saved from CPRONA, *”Grow everything at home as it is possible.”

Like this,you can save your lives to come in the contact of soil.

Watch AAHAR VED at you tube.

Aayurvedic Kada:- Take 1 pinch of Giloy powder ,1pinch of Ashvagandha and 1 pinch of Tulsi of each ingredient for one person. like milk

put it in the glass bowl and add some water for soaking. put it over night and mix 1gilas of water for each person and boil.

When it becomes half,squeeze half lemon and drink it.After taking it,you’ll not get any infection. Share and save the world and You both.