Is it Precious?

Diamond is,a precious stone,

but what is its reality?
All you wanna, 

What is its formation?

 And how do people get it?
After a natural desaster,called Pralay,atmospheric conditions  change and
Earth begins to cool.
This process completes in a long time, this is Zone or Yug.Largest trees fall in the soil and pressed for a long zone. 

 After a long period, decaying of trees start. These changes made them fossils.

Fossils of largrst trees begin to decompose.
In this, many reactions take place and methane and co2 gases come out.

All trees and plants are organic also.

In this process

Organic compound of
all trees  start toconvert into carbon and gases.
Gases fly in the sky but Carbon remains.
When trees pressed by the soil for a long yug,it’s carbon is converted into a light white colour.When government makes mines in search of coal and petrolium,it is found in a,coalpiece.
When mines are used for coal, It is found in any part.It has no shine.It is blunt.
Then what is it?

Is it not only a, rude and blunt piece of carbon. 
It is shaped by goldsmith. and then used.Did you think,  this is not a God made thing, It is used after carving. Like this,  many beautiful pebbles find in the soil here and there. 

Why you purchase it?Each goldsmith says,  his gems are original and other one is duplicate.
Please tell me,

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