Each person has an aura.Mahatma Buddh introduced it to others.Buddh felt
irritations from house arrest.
*If His father
hadn’t  been listened his astrologer’s advice,then he had not left his home because he  had played freely and enjoyed his life accordingly his rules  and satisfaction. 

*Then he had satisfied properly.
*He had tired to sleep and eat.No life was there, then why he had not escaped?
He saw each member of family rulled over him.
He never saw a normal life, person and curosity forced him for leaving home.
He felt each like a monster.Then he irritated and left everything. When he tired,  he sat under a big tree.He didn’t ill withoit water and food.Then his views  
changed about life.He felt happy and his
known who felt happy with him,became followers.
He was Indian.

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