When a person becomes lazy,fat starts to  deposit in the body.
**There is nothing like that don’t eat rice, oil and fatty things.
**Everything is important for alive with function.

**you’ll see your grand parents and their grand parents. ,They didn’t use any medicine and not ill.
They started their life with relexly.
*They left their bed timely and started your
work easily.
*They took a bath and started

your daily work.
They ate your breakfast parantha.
They used coconutoil,til oil, and kachchi ghani mustard oil.

*They ate fried things Pakauda, puri, kachaudi, halua,dosa,chips,  papad but they were slim and lived a long and healthy life near, about 90/95 yeats old. 

*They washed their clothes.
*They cleaned their homes.

*They prepared the meal.

*They used spices, deshi cow’s milk and ghee, besideS medicines.
*People use ready made packed and prepared food. It is preserved before a long lime. Preservative Chemichals  are used for this. 

Nobody wants to do work.
Machines and servants do all works.When They become fat,They use medicines to reduce it. 

Am i saying right?

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