It was of 1979, When I was little, I visited to Odisa with my brother and parents.In the way I saw a river, SVARNREKHA.

From the train,
It looked like a golden wall,I wanted to peep there.It was so beautiful.There was a dense forest,It was my first chance when I saw Bheel(Jangali) and river of gold. . Bheel lived in  the forest. Wild life men are Known as Bheel. There were a lot of Bheel. They wore a lot of gold like clothes. Each Bheel lady was covered  minimum 20 tola gold items.Hansuli, neckless and bangles. These are  fully covered with  broad golden bangles.I asked about it,  That man told me about the river that gold mixed in the golden stream. Bheel knew, what was its   process.? It may be,Gold mixed in the river water,I asked from a person,when I sat in the bus.
What was this?
He told me that it was gold.

They all were Bheel.  They made  and sold wooden things. in the market.   They were  not rich. They used  to gold like a normal metal. 

But at that time,  Someone told me,that golden river destroyed. It was very dirty and not golden. It looks like a dirty dranage system which comes from…

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