Male ego

Each male has an ego. He doesn’t want to show his weakness and becomes rude.He ignores that thing which is connected with his partner.He wants to follow his rules and expects to his partner.He doesn’t listen any view and thinks that his life partner is wrong.He has many excuses like solid points to prove his thoughts but, He don’t give any chance and says, his partner is wrong.At last, he becomes lonly.He tells,”what did you(his life partner) do?
I earned this money,
HOW could you enjoy if…”
He stood his wife in  the row of useless things.His wife was capable  for any job at that when she was  youngbut Hewasn’t ready. He told him,  My earning is suffient for my future family. You do your homework like a house wife.   It is a mythe.
A man enjoys his own life according to his rules.He is a moulder.He moulds everything. He wants to build a banglow,car,with his parents,He enjoys whole things but says always,I did these for you,

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