laiya recipe(Mamra in Gujrati)

What should I cook and eat? WHICH IS tasty, easy and time pass. And fatless?
I was thinking.I shouldn’t feel hunger.
LAiya is a very good option.It is made by rice.It is fatless.

we, can use it for guests. It is slightly salty. It is used for making Bhelpuri.

Things we use:

250gmLaiya,1tsp Granular mustard seeds, 1/2tspred chilli powder, 1tsp termeric powder salt and raw carry powder,  green dry mint, heeng. 1big tsp deshi ghee. 


Take 1 big tsp deshi ghee and heat properly. . and switch of the gas.  add heeng and mini mustard seeds, afterit,  add other ingrédients. And add this mix in

  1. the laiya.
    And mix it with hands can eat it with tea and coffee.

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