Ghost efect

After reading your ghost chapter,  I remembered this bad experience. I Was in
M.Sc.My Baba went to live near my uncle Rakesh.My Uncle was not hearing properly, so We chose a little home for us and my Baba gave big banglow,From which my uncle can earn money.My uncle was a best painter and painted cars.He was a central worker.My father was a teacher. AT That time,English was leaving India and selling all things so

My grandpa bought things from oction.He was,born in 1920. He purchased Aabnoos’s


furnitures mostly.This was converted into a habit.

Once he brought some doors.These were beautiful.My grandpa made many homes and sold. It was also a habbit. He built 1home but He didn’t feel happy in that home and sell 4houses, He built a big banglow .He bought the doors of a room of 1st flour from an oction.after some time, a lady walked daily on the fence of banglow and said, damage these doors. These are mine, but my aunt is a greedy lady.She said, no, I can’t do it.That portion was made of my father’s money.My father said,remove these doors but my aunt did’t listen anything, My father went to ask about these doors,That person told to my father, these doors of a grave of a lady.

Everyone knew about it. 

After that accident,  My family doesn’t take any octional thing or removed thing. 

It is a great lesson for my family. 

My grand pa(Baba) died.That lady and my aunt totured him. My aunt is not happy.My aunt is illitrate. She always show that she is litrate.She can’t understand its bad effects. Everyone tells, I don’t believe but how can my grand pa say it,  remove these doors, one lady is saying to me. If you will not return these doors, I will kill you in 3days. Each member quarreled but my aunt didn’t listen. 

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