KedarNaTh 17 June 2013 Uttarakhand India

It is situated In Himanchal Pradesh India.Kedar Nath is our Lord Shiv.when everything was destroy ing, Only Shiv was remaining, and Nowadays  Only Shiv is remaining there.

It shows the power of 


How can people think to live there?When they dug mountains for electricity, kinetic energy produces and ice of mountains melts and convert into flood. at this, they reduced Ma Kali Ji’s statue from Earth,which was situated in the center of Himalaya.After reducing  of Ma from her home,Anger started.When flood started, people didn’t understand suddenly ,they were shouting.There were stamped. Nobody couldn’t understand And after a few sec,nothing was there, a crowd of water was everywhere.It is  known as PRALAYA.

Flood made a biggest loss of people.Was

Reduction of Ma Kali from her home(Himalaya) is right?

 Is Drilling of icy mountains right?

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