My latest travel

At this time,I was visiting to Ghajiabad with my son.It is a fine place but Delhi is not.Delhi is a most poluted city.But not fine .It is very conjusted.It has a large network of over bridge .I saw a garbage mountain and everywhere  garbage and garbage was !I rose suddenly from bad smell in the train,It was 2 Am.There was a great bad smell .I felt uneasy and couldn’t sleep.It is a largest city.Nobody can conduct without any help.People of Delhi are fool. They want to live in Delhi but they don’t do any effort.Why they don’t use 2wheeler ,for traffic problems?

Why they don’t live near your office and schools?

Why they don’t use fertilizer making toilets,?

Why they don’t use Solar panels for electricity?

Why they don’t build their houses with rain water harvesting plants?

Why do they not make a fruits’s garden in their  only 2ft area of building?

Why they don’t use their waste food product for compost?

Why they use polythene?

Why they don’t drink  fresh fruit juice?

Why they don’t eat fresh food?

Why they eat packed food?

Why they don’t make a big family for safty?


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