Bauddh(from old part of India)

He wasborn in a pure Hindu family.

His title is Buddh.

long long ago,In Lumbini,a baby was born Siddharth Gautam.Lumbini is in Nepal.

When he was born,

any astrologer said to his father,”take care your child properly,If he went out of home, he will not come back.”

{This was a Kshatriya family.It is of 567BCE.(His father’s name was Shuddodhan.)

He was leader of Shakya.His capital was Kapilvastu.His mother’s name was Mayadevi.}

Then King Shuddodhan was afraid. Gautam was a prince.He kept his son In the palace. He arranged everything for his son.

One day,Gautam saw a chance,He went out. he saw a little baby.

Like this,He got second chance again, He went out again.He saw an adult.Both time,servants went in his search and brought him.

But third time,He saw a dead body.This seen was very sad and effective.He asked to the people about these conditions.

And after that ,he didn’t come back.He wandered here and there in search of peace.

At that time,India had largest area.His birthday is called Buddh Purnima.When he sat under a tree,He was thinking about death,and soul.He sat continueosly 18 days.He got knowledge.That tree is Bodhi vriksh.But He was A pure Hindu.Then, Buddhism’s origin is India.

Are you agree with me?

Pl share it.

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