Summer king(Mango)North India

There are 5seasons in India.

Winter, summer,Autumn, rainy,spring.

Mango is a most popular fruit of summer,and Dashhari is world famous.We eat Dashhari and Safeda.

Alfanso ,Totapari,kalmi and many other types of mangoes are there.

 In summer,Mango is a delious   fruit .It is yellow in color.

 It has Vitamin C and A ,B-6.It stops  age wrinkles.

It controls Blood pressure.It protects us from sun stroke.

We make mango shake , custard and Ice cream from mango. It is so tasty…..

So it is called Kingof the fruits.

It is a Northern fruit.

If anyone wants to eat and taste it, can visit North share it.


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