Nastik(Shiv Puran)

It is made for finishing of bad elements .You will read in last blog.Lord Vishnu’s trick.

Lord Vishnu made a Nastik.He was a Mundi.His head is  bald.He was bared feet.He had a

wooden pot and

a sweeping instrument(Jhadu).He  covered his face from a cloth and 

took a cloth also.

Lord Vishnu gave him a name Arihan and said,”make a Puran of 16000(sixteen thousands) mantras.You write it heathen without religion.It should be religionless.You make your followers and teach them.”He made 4 mundi.

And then Vishnu went back to Baikunth.

That Arihan made Pakhand dharm and many pupils.They scattered everywhere .They taught Pakhand Puran. They went to Tripur(nagar).where Tripurasur lived.They scattered their magic but every effort is failed because they prayed of Lord it was not easy.Then, they met directly to Tripurasur.They taught their  16000shlok’s Puran .Tripurasur learnt it properly. They became Nastik.They invested your time in that Pakhand Puran.Then they became weak.They had lost their punya(good effect s of prayer).God Shiv said,I will try to kill them.

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