Digamber(Shiv Puran)Followers of Shiv

Jainy.    :long long ago , in ancient time,Once Lord Shiv was wandering here and there, and went to Baikunth.Peons Couldn’t know him.so he went to Brahma lok,peons couldn’t know. He was in his Digambar roop.He kept long hair like a dress and  fully covered.At that time,Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu both were in meditation.

When they asked,Who was at the door?

Peons said,Any Digambar with a Trishul and damru.Both of them searched him everywhere, but couldn’t find.After a long time,Lord Vishnu sent her Chakr in search of Lord Shiv,and went behind .After a long period, Chakr stopped at KARGUVAN near JHANSI. where Chakr stopped,A buluckcart also stopped there.That wheel was in the mud.Near the mud, Lord Shiv was in meditation.

Followers of This Digamber are known as Jain.These Digambers have left all things of  this world(Mohmaya).Lord Shiv had long hair.

but followers felt uneasy so they start Keshkunchan.

 But Digambers are Hindu.It is their life style,It is OK.

It should be only for  those saints and men they have been left everything.

this view is diverted slowly slowly  and  nawadays ,Jainy says,I am not Hindu.

If nobody is Hindu,then why they live here?

Read about their origin  properly and then say,

I am……..

Once ,I met a jain lady.She said me, .My father says to me that I am not Hindu.

I don’t understand it if she is not Hindu, then why,

Does she live here?

Mahaveer Swami was also an Indian.

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