What happened after quarreling for Draupadi(Maha Bharat)?

All you  will wanna ,after fighting for Draupadi, What happened?

 Kunti was Lord Krishna’s father Vasudev’s real sister.so Krishna helped her.She knew about Krishna.

So she said to Krishna that always stood with me.

Narad muni was wandering then

She called Narad .Pandavas are step sons of Kunti so she was careless.But Pandavas father was pandu.

It was a typical topic,But Pandavas told her Ma.

in which nobody wanted to leave Draupadi.

Then Narad Muni suggested them .Each Pandav  took Draupadi for 1 year and other Pandavas would not interrupt him.

Interruption ‘s punishment was of   expatriation for 12 years .

Is it a right process?

 ,when All Pandavas were not listening?then ,


Now, I should start think about Ram.

What Did  not Ram do well for marriage rules and ladies?

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