No one can born any mother because mother is a pillar of the world.
If development takes place, In it its begining is from mother cell.Science also has pproved it.This mother has a lot of features.She is a guardian,She protects her children from each…. Problem , she teaches us like a teacher,.She cooks meal,She is a good listener,She has many personalities.
She stands with her children in each conditions.
I saw, my mother awakes whole night, when l and my brother was sick.She sat under God’s foot for us and prayed.She didn’t say about this.She did every work.She spent her whole time for our education because at that time, study was not so important. She taught me in kitchen, when she cooked food and she also complèted her study.She said, My children’s education is most important than my job.She cooked Dosa,, ,potato tikki and each that thing  .

So mother is  only mother.

Nobody can compare her personality.

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