Effect of prayer

After tarkasur, his three sons started prayer of Lord Brahma.After thousands of years, Lord Brahma became happy and blessed for making a bullet proof three story building of IRON, GOLD and Silver.These are called Tripur.These owners are called Tripurasur.Nobody could enter in them except Lord Shiv.Tripurasur were biggest devotee of Lord Shiv.They started their day by Lord Shiv’name.
Then they conqured Ttalokya and All Ministry came on road. They were dejected and poor spirited. finance minister Kuber,Head of ministry Indr,Water minister Varun, Solar Energy minister sun, and other  had lost their homes and offices .They  were escaped here and there and at last,they  went near Lord Brahma.Lord BRAHMA sent them near Lord SHIV.Shiv sent them near Lord VISHNU.Lord Vishnu sent them back and promise d to help them.Was it not the power of prayer? which  put all ministry under BPL.

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