Blessings for power 

In ancient time, when bad people prayed to Lord Brahma and took bless.Then they had no fear, They became cruel.PWD of World became disturbed and every worker was on road.Head Indr(rain department) was escaping here and there.Then How could others live there?
Head of all departments went to near Brahma.Brahma sent them near Lord Shiv.Shiv said, They Pray me.they (Tripur) are of my great devotee.
How can I kill them?
They protect themselves from prayer.
Go to near Lord Vishnu.
Do all work ,according to Lord Vishnu.He is wise.
He will solve your problems.
Lord Vishnu sent all back and thought about problem.
How did Lord Vishnu solve these PWD’s problems?
See my next blog.

What did Lord Vishnu do?

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