Pana(North Indian juice)

I live in North part of India. It is a largest country of Asia.5 types of climates are there.summer, rainy, winter Automn and spring. Weather of
Each part ot North India is différent.According to climate, colour of soil is also différent.It is known as UP.At this time, summer season starts. heat hot and warm  everywhere. Hotest time of it is Nautapa. There are  remaining 9hotest days. Monsoon depends on these days.In this season,we protect us from desi, herbal cold drinks like, juice of sugarcane, Pana, mangoshake,lassi, mattha,Shikanji sattu etc.

We make Pana from carry. things we use, 

2carries, gud,  1/2spoon black salt,  baked and mashed jeera. 

*boil2carries.  some  100gm gud(solid sugar juice) put in 1/2cup water. 

mix both things  properly and mash both carries in this solution. 

some baked jeera and heeng mix in them. add 1/2little spoon black salt also. 

Panna is ready. 


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