It is MahaBharat’s character. It is something special. It gave a special turn into history. She was Lord Krishna’s bua. So

Krishna is in Maha Bharat. 

ahaBharat’s war is a greatest war in histiry.  


 LOK’S WAR IS the biggest war. its time is 67years. 

Kunti was the wife of Pandu.
Karn was,his son.

 Karn’s father was Sun.

But kunti married with Pandu and left Karn in the river in an open wooden box.

A maharshi got Karn.

after a long time,Karn met to Duryodhan.

It was Kunti’s falt,that she left Karn.

 AFTER marrige, She was mother of 5 sons,Pandu was younger and Dhratrashtra was elder.These were not own. 

So after Dhratrashtra Duryodhan got whole kingdom but 5Pandavas interupted him.

Acording the rules,

Duryodhan was the right option.Duryodhan gavethem some land money and house but, 

History takes a turn. 

Arjun was Matra bhakt.Yudhishthir was a greatest gambler and truthspeaker.He lost every thing. then

Pandavas were lived in a forest.

One day Arjun came and said, ma, look here.

 What did I bring ?

 Kunti said, share it then I will see.

That was Draupadi.

 Now she 

had 5 husbands. Yudhishthir lost everything home, land, money and Draupadi also.

Kunti was krishna’s  real aunt. 

Kunti was real sister of KRishna’s father Vasudev.

She knew about krishna’s power.

She said to Krishna,stand with me, always. 

It is a research

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