He don’t say, I am GOD. He don’t say you are not a God.
He saw, people were in problèm,
He helped them.
He wanted to know each Science by meditation. 

He made himself able to do each work.

He learnt every

  • thing properly.He told people, search fects in the problems and, solved, if u can’t tell me. because I am God,  then people said,  no, you are not God. 
    • At last what is the problem? 


3 thoughts on “GOD”

  1. People don’t beleave in being God near them !
    Beacuse they expect doing nothing if HE / SHE is their close , HE/ SHE has to show HIS/HER miracles to avail each n every thing hatever would have needed by any of them …..
    Thats why GOD iare fearfull being amongst common men!
    The common men might gonna KIL The GOD for not fulfilling their desires!
    … n I think GOD has to remain FEARFULL !!!

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