This life is full of struggles.Everyone wants joy, happiness. But without efforts.

Those people,
who favour in divorce,don’t love their children.

They think, wife is not like a cloth, is only cloth, use and threw. Those people don’t marry with a literate girl.She can oppose them. Then, why not their children reject and leave them from their home? why don’t they understand, their father are not them?
When their father don’t be ready for a good school?
WHy don’t they permit for a normal school?
WHy they move and push for a religious life?


Why they listen their moulders, Which  wants to control every person?

 Why don’t they understand that each word has two meanings? as

Hindi word sona means gold and sleep both. 

Why they go near them? because they are not literate? They can’t read any paper and

line. They depend only those people, whose make a horror near and  use them. Those people like divorce. 

go and be literate and then

You will spend your life  in a better way. 

Pl share it. 

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