Harm from cold water

Everyone knows that cold water gives us relief.but nobody knows that it is not useful for us.That is why?
Do it and see its reaction on your body.
Take some cold water and put on redhot pot.If you do it daily or mostly,You willsee that it will be damage. And after some time, it will be waste.
Particles of pot shrink and separate and be damage.
Your body also react like this.When you drink cold eater,internal parts of body becomes useless like your expariment and digestive system becomes damage.
It does not do any work.
Heat is important for your body’s functions.which is not avelable so functions don’t takes place. What is topic of
Minerals yet?
YOUcan watch, différence between pitcher water and friz water.You will see, people who drink pitcher water, they are healthy.
If you want to read my other blog about these beneficial things, You can watch my last november and decembers blog.They are useful. I will write more.

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