Onion isa bulb like structure.  we use it in daily life. If all u wauna its benefits, then read about it. 

  1. It is fond in soil.
  2. It has many scales.
  3. It has a sharp and pungent smell.
  4. Which atracts the germs of pneumonia,cough, cold and bronchytis and flue.
  5. so If well put chopped onion in the corners of our rooms. homes,you ‘ll not be ill.. 
  6. Chopped onion absorbs all germs. 
  7. If you feel pain in eyes, you can cut 1 onion.
    Your optic nerves will be active and excreat tears in large amount.
    If you will eat 1 chopped onion with lunch and dinner with lemon2/3 drops juice, you will feel fresh.
    It protects us from Sun strokes.
    You can grow it in your kitchen garden.
    It’s juice helps to grow new hair.
    You can mix it in the Bhelpuri.

  8. We cook some veges with onion. 
  9.  It protects us Heatt problems and respiratory problems. 
  10. It keeps our circulatory system clean.
  11. Nowadays, It is very useful because temperature is near about 48°or above in UP. 

  12. see my other blog,   in which I wrote about Amla and…………..     

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