It is known as, GUD..

When you drink milk, you use any sweet thing like, sugar, gud and bura etc. When farmers crush the cane, 

they get cane juice.

 They boil it in big pans and dry.

And they getGud. 

IT becomes sweet in taste. 

You will think, How will we use it. 

It has many effects according to season. 

In winter, Its effect is hot


in summer, its effect is cool. we use it any type, it gives us energy and Iron.

 We can eat it in any season. 

In summer season,

  1. we use it with water and sattu.
    We use it with chhach.

In winter,
We use it with milk.
We use it in lunch and dinner.
It is used in anaemia.
It is used in Any type of BP According to season.
It control sugar lavel.
We use it in all season.

I also use it, according to season. 

like and share it,  pl. 


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