Gandhari was a main character of MAHABHARAT.
She was wife of Dhratrashtra. She had 100sons by blessing. REcognisation of sons was a very typical topic,so she exploited this condition. She covered her eyes by a strip like blind Dratrashtra.
Each bad habit was in her children.One’s name was Duryodhan. They played Chausad with Yudhishthir(Pandav),It is
Yudhishthir lost everything one by one.and at last,He put Draupadi at jua. He lost his wife Draupadi also.
But Gandhari didn’t see and listen. At last,Mahabharat started and each warrior finished. Only Pandavs remained.
Its cause was Gandhari and Draupadi both.What
Was mimicry important?
THINK and give me answer . And share.          

I wrote about Krishna in last years blog. 

wt next blog. 

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