Desi cow milk

ItsIf do you wauna, you will read  about  cow in last blog,

  • It is very useful. 
  • Desi cow milk is used for bone strength.
    It gives us energy.
    It gives us
  •  relief from obecity.
    Its fat doesn’t collect in our body, 
  • it,
    becomes reduce.
    It is slightly salty and tasty.
    We can make many things from it

    •  like cheese, 

    • Paneer,curd, sweets,custard

  • mattha,rayta,srikhand,ghee,
    lassi etc.
  • We can use it like a cleanser.
  • It removes all skin problems. 
  • Its mattha is useful in constipation, gastric troubles, indigestion and other. 
  • Ifyou take 1 cup mattha  with lunch,  daily. 
  • You will never ill.  


    watch  and share my next blog 

       Desi cow’s ghee. 

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