Ram, agood listener4

Today, I will tell you about RAM. 

RAM IS a power. you can say,  he is a man.

 no,  it is not right. 

When when,  evils  activities grow like grass, everywhere

 corruption takes place. LORD VISHNU comes for the help.

Vishnu comes in the form of Tortoise,Brahman,


VARAH,Matsya, Nanak and….
HE save his people from evils.  


Ram is a super power. You don’t know about, your respiration. 

when you leave and take a breeth.
But, when you disturb , you tell,

Oh God,

 whete are you?
where is God?
Why don’t you listen me?
Are you or not?
But you thought? 

 when you were happy,you ever remembered God.

, why?

SUDAMA never said, I am poor.
So how do Krishna do something for Sudama?when Sudama thought about Krishna by heart. You know everything about me,

I have no money, 

then from where can I give something to you.
I have only some boiled rice.so I feel shame in front of you.so I can’t come.My wife sent me near you,she believes at you, you will do something for me.
Krishna listened and
showed the power of truth. 

Truth is Shiv(fine or best or mangal). 

Shiv is most beautiful(body structure is like God). 

Lord Krishna says, I live in each thing. If you want, I can come like Narsingh. If you tease my creations,  then I will come. 

When someone says you, then you listen.

 like this, when you do work and tell me, 

I listen. Wt do you think about…. 

Is Ram not a good listener? 

Krishna is Ram. Vishnu is Ram. 

World is 

U can see this  power. 

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