RAM 2 a good father and a good husband:-

Vishnu and Krishna is Ram. 

, It is a general question .
Can you make a living thing? 

can you give life to a dying person? 

 can you mould the conditions without prayer? 

Do you believe on Karm? 

Ram and Krishna  says, Do your work by heart and leave. you will find its 100%response in your life.


Ram won the war and brought sita ji from LANKA.
11years,He spent his whole life for the people.
But one day,

He listened,one was saying vulgure about Sita.He couldn’t listen.
His three mothers could totured,
so Laxman sent to her in


Often Ram and Laxman was went to Balmiki Ashram.

then Sita  ji was Pregnant.Now,

Ram sent Sitaji in Aashram for safty. 

because He was a great King also.  

Now, Sita ji was safe. Love and Kush was born in the Balmiki ashram.
See next blog. And pl share it.


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