RAM-1. A good father

Did you thinkit? 

Ram lived lonly and without his wife and sons. He did ASHV MEGH YAGYA. 



He didn’t want the kingdom. because he gifted Lanka to Vibhishan. When he won the war, 

he gave  the Bali’s kingdom to Sugriv. 

He was wanted nto get his sons and wife Sita. 

So he did Ashv megh. 

In it a Horse leave to run like a free cloud here and there. 

Who catch it, He fight with the army of king. 

Sons of Ram caught it.When Ram’s,army asked about them.tLove and Kush wanted to meetthe king. They sang Ramayan(life history of RAM) 
Ram came down and took the both babies inthe arms and wept.
Ram said, you are my babies.come and live with me.
Then Ram went to Balmiki aashram and brought sita.When

saw his children are capable.
He gave the kingdom to Love and Kush.

Watch next blog and share it. 

Did Ram not want to meet his family and for it, Ram did ASHVA MEGH YAGYA? 

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