Vandi felt

 she is blind. Why,?

 She looked in front of, 

 she couldn‘t conferm,  

that who is she? ,  Madi and other one

After watching properly

she confirmed,that was Madi.

Madi asked to her, 

“Why are you watching me like this?”

 Vandi said,”  I  have totake a proper diet but my eyeside is  not good“.

The’Madi checked her eyes,and told Oh, my eyes also.What happpened with my eyes?

Oh, I,Am also completely blind,

I take 2heavy parantas with potato curry both time,

then,why am I blind?

Is potato curry a suffient diet?
Vandi said,

I also take complete food,Mattha,Roti

sabjidal and dalia,

What are these diets?

There are many things which are usedfor health. 

We can grow in them in only 2ft area, like pap:)aya, guava,😍palm, palm granate, cotton, Almond, lemon, Grapes, 😂carrot, 🙂radish, 😉onion, 😘, ginger;), chilli😘 etc If you want to know about them, you can consult me. 

There are a lot of useful things, 

 VAandi’s husband is a TTC.

He always brings lunch and dinner packets for each member.

They eat these food And Vandi doesn‘t cook food. Is it a complete diet

What is the complete

A complete diet depends upon our 

soil and

 things which grow in our soil. 

If we eat each seasonal vegs, fruits, crop,pulses

 and eatable thing,

 we will be healthy.  

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