Modern Life#96:-)

  • Every one shows your status, in which,  there is  no  place of manners. 

  • New colonies, are here n it is Modified in JHANSI, city of LAXMIBAI
  • SHE was of KANPUR,
  • IT is a small city which is  the centre of UP and MP

There are both cultures,  old and modern.,

  •   Largest grassland,  Biggest University,
  • largest Veg Mandi,
  • Hilly area,pathar
  • Commissionary,
  • SunTemple,
  • Laxmi Bai‘s Karmsthali  and 
  • I

 tribal blog shows the culture of old JHANSI

I don’t like modern culture,  

  1. in which Each house looks like a museum
  2. Use of imp things  is Ok but collections of things like
  3. Friz 1000Litres,
  4. types of cars,
  5. bikes,
  6. AC,houses,
  7. microwaves are waste.

  • AC😍There is no moisture becauseof AC. 
  1. It absorbs all moisture of air and body also.
  2.  Oftenly I listen,there is no greese in my knees and eyes. 

  • .more bikes and other vehicles are used by servants.owners know about it after accidents.

  • Farm houses are used by care takers for rent.

Friz is used for vegetables.

freezed veg‘s have no taste.

  • How tasty frash vegs are? 
  • Microwaves are used in cooking or baking food.

    This bakes in the




    Food absorbs them and. makes a cause of harms.




    are harmful and 100%


    grew in its utensils and mix in meal. 

    Alumeniu m makes a substance which desolves in food which contains water.

    Do YoU LIKE THIS Harmful, insecured LIFESTYLE? 

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