effect of occupation :-)TaMiLnAdU#55

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  • Why is condition of a that State, Where’s CM was JaiLalita?
  •  Everyone said, She is a good CM. 
  • Why?
  •  She is a lady. and an actress. 
  • Her thoughts were only for  dress like10000 saries. She was kind but didn’t think about Other topics. 
  • Tamils areAncient Original Hindu,
  •  Tamil is a mix of DeVNagri lipi and Sanskrt.But why they don’t want to talk to North Indians.
  • North Indians are not duplicate.They belongs to LORD RAM and Krishna.
  • They speak Sanskrit.
  • Dev Nagri is,a 1st oldest language of that SATYUG. 
  • RAM and KRISHNA speaks Sanskrit(Dwapr n Treta YUG) 
  • Hindi is a simple form of SANSKRIT. 
  • But why Tamil people speaks English? Do they not know, English has a new language, these ENGLISH WORDS are stolen by HINDISpenish and Latin.  
  • Whyis making a devider in Indians? THIS is not good? OUTSIDES get profit like CHINA and Other countries.
  • Cruel -क्रूर
  • सपर लो-supper -नहाकर खाना खाकर तैयार हो लो।


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