Super vision of, a Female#93:-)

 is worst

  • , bcoz nobody wants to do work under a woman
  •  so  whole atmosphere start to fill oppos. parties and begins to shout. 
  • Main points become  here n there,  
  • But wants with other  women,
  •  In which his wife should not be.
  •  He wants his wife is only for him.
  •  It is not imp, that she is litrate.
  •  Nowadays this thinking is change,

This is female’s views, 

  • I listened it many times ,
  • If son’s wife will go to job.
  • Then She will be out of our control.
  • So who will cook food,  wash their clothes, cleaning of home.Who will watch newly born babies and her.  
  •  So they feed their son like this, this is sufnt for family,you earn money or not.A child is like a raw soil, which is moulded by ma.


These conditions, are created by a Head member. 

But Nowadays,  It is changing because Son doesn’t listen and marry with his choice and go for job. SO there is no option.
Ladies think only about own family.
# In Bihar
Oldest neighbour
and India of old government
and c

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