India is a largest country of the world. But All Indians Known as NORTH INDIAN and SOUTH INDIAN. 

Why don’t know Indian.? 

  • North Indians are also Indian 
  • but they live so far from South Indian.
  • But all are Hindu.
  •  they don’t met with each other and
  •  Outers came  forcely inside their regions. 
  • outers separated them and nobody wanted to go their. So they are unknown. 

  • culture of each YUG becomes change. 
  • There are 4yugs. 





Yugs make a KALP. 
Each yug has it’s own language. 

LORD KRISHNA ‘s Mantrs are in SANSKRIT. 

Ram spoke Hindi. 

sat yug’s language may be Tamil. 

according to LORD KRISHNA:-)

see blog Krishna n YOGA. 

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