• There lives a woman, named Badshah Thakur.  according to name, She always thought,  I am ISVAR(God).
  •  She always hurt each person. 
  • She always talk to each  like a servant. 
  •   I am best but you are worst.  . She spoke polightly always, when her son came. But what is its profit? Her life is spoiled, bacause She became old. She has only 2son, When his, son was,not transfered i n other city, 

 because she wlii  live togather . When her son built a new home, She didn’t go,  she told, why I go in your house, this is, yours and it is mine

If My son will tell, I will go and be happy,. She must be happy that her children are capable.  and… 

I also., 

But she didnt go with him. 

After 2 and3years, she became alone

Do you know, Why? 

Nobody went to meet her, her relatives also. She asked them,  Everyone told her, when you will not live  and talk with yours, then  who am l,? and Why will I go to meet with you? Her son did not take transfer in another city because He and his family wanted to live togather. Her son saw, people hurt my mother, so they live togather in new home, but nobody talks to her except her son’family, because her behavior is rude. 

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