:)Paradise:-)In China4💐


  • When MANDRANCHAL MOUNTAIN(Parvat) is used for shaking of OCEAN.
  • MANY Gems, Airavat, Kamdhenucow(gau),
  • Amrit, MohiniPoison(,HalaHal)came out.[Amrit is a liquid which saves us,( according to PURAN)]
  • When Sur(Devta) was going to swarg with Amrit,
  • Some drops of it dropped in Sangam and Ujjain.
  • These are in the way. 

  • They

    went to Kailash mountain (pa

    tvat), situated inCHINA. 

  • From there, Sur went to Paradise, 
  • which is situated  in front of the top galaxy
  • Did you think, why chinese  age is near about 110 and 125.? 
  • Not only hard work, something is….. 

  • That time, India was  a very largest country. 
  • Samrat Ashok was a cruel king at that time. 
  • Daughter Sanghmitra and son didnt like it and they left  his father and went to near  Buddha, in search of peace
  • They went there also. 
  • After  a long period, King Chin ruledover there.  
  • His kingdom is called China
  • Nowadays, It is known as other country. 
  •  There’s God is Lord Buddha. 
  • He is, an Indian PRINCE. 


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