1. everyone knows, APASArayen lives, in heaven.  It has many names,  Where is it? It is, situated in CHINA. 

Some real tales about it, read my blog GANGASAGAR.

  1. A KAPIL MUNI was lived near GANGASAGAR.His Aashram comes out at MAKAR SANKRANTI.
  2. King Sagar had 60000 sons,  one day, they insulted KAPILMUNI. 
  3. Muni became angry and dropped an eye and converted into ash. 
  4. There were 60000 ash dooms. 
  5. His grandsonBHAGIRATH brought Ganga ji at that place.Ganga was born from VISHNU’S FEET.She said to Bhagirath.I

    have a greatest force,who will hold me?

    SHIVSHANKAR holded her at KAILASH MOUNTAIN.Which is situated in

    SHIV OPENED HIS HAIR and GANGAJI came down.It is known asBHAGIRTHI RIVER.IT comes from​

    China’s Kailash mountain. and reach Ganga sagar near kolkata. 

  6. Ganga have a great force and can not come indirectway from GALAXY. 

  7. SO SWARG is  Situated at the top way of CHINA. 

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