NOrth IndianPARANTHA#7

  • take grren chopped coriender, 1chilli, 4boiled greated potato, 4cloves garlic, 1inch  greated ginger,some chopped green onion, salt and red chilli powder according to taste
  •  and mix propely.
  • take 2big tea spoonful wheat fl and some salt, jeera hing, ajvain add according to taste and mash with water for 6 Parantha. 
  • fill the onion mix in the ball and make a  round Chapati by BELAN, 
  • ANDfry it on Tava by Deshi ghee or butter. 
  • TASTY  and healthy PARANTHA is ready to eat. 
  • Every one can try and easy. 

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