North Indian Pickle#6(amla)

It is remaining part of North Indian Pickle#6. 

  • Take 2kg Amla, 
  •  boil it in a cooker in 1/2 onlycup water, after 2minute, cool it  and open it. Spread it in a big  a plate without water. and remove all seeds. Mix yellow crushed mustard  seeds and termeric powder,  salt, black papr, mustard oil, red chilli powder and stir.. properly. 
  • Mix some heeng powder
  • Mustard oil and salt is  also used as preservative. 
  • Put this mix in sun light and cover it with cotton cloth and shake daily. 
  • After 2or3 days,  It becomes ready, 
  • Put it in the jar and fill some mustard oil. 
  • Put this jar in sun light and use it, Smell of oil removes in sun light.
  • PICKLEi s ready. () 

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