Mr Rav is a Homeopathic Dr. He is already desturbed every time.
Hr has a big home in market but there is nobody.
His wife is a teacher. He lives séparate.
Nobody wants to do compromis.
They are failed in their life.
They live in a city but they don’t know their children.
They are busy in their work.
they had a good job so they didn’t feel the importance of a family.
Bothbofbthem lived their families and nobody wanted
To leave their families,.

They forgot their babies in their séparation cases.
What is this????
Did they not know their partners views before marriage??
Did they not spoil whole life of their children and themselves????


2 thoughts on “STEP:”

  1. There are time even before marriage, things change.. staying 24/7 with a person lets you know the person thru and thru..and that’s when the role of adjustment, giving up on ego comes in picture..and when two people don’t realize, coz of their EGO’s, what the cost other (specially children) have to pay, they take such steps…..


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