Blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason prompted Jack to leave his friends in the midst of fog and changed his route towards another adventure.

Mark and Stefany tried to deter him as the following day was 1st Jan and they have to return to the farmhouse.
But Jack thought that new year comes every year and hence needed not to be celebrated.
Mark and Stefany joined Jack as he was their best friend and accompanied him the forest.
They strolled further and encountered a stream, they crossed the divine stream in soaring winds and went deeper in the dark.
It was 10:59 and the lingering shrill intrigued and their battered torn skin was exposed to mystical yet impregnable barriers.
The took shelter beneath the Oak tree and unpacked the nectar(water) and the mushroom soup.
All there exchanged their stories of the gone and buried year and then they…

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