Things we use:-


1/2tspAjwine, 2tsp termeric powder, curd, 1tsp saunf pw. +coriender 1 tsp,  

  • 1tsp red chilli powder, salt,  1pinch garm masala,  1 big+ tsp mustard oil
  • cooking process:-
  • t ake 1big tsp mustard oil
  • + properly heat in a pansaunf=smell +colour less oil. 
  • after cooling
  • in oil, add ajwine+termeric+ red chilli+coriender pw. and stir. 
  • add  long slides of lady fingers, and cover. 
  • at slow stove. 
  • after sometimes, stir it. 
  • itwillbe ready modtly 5ti8min. 
  • add1/1cupcurd and stir only 2min. 
  • garnish with green choppedcoriender. 
  • add some pi. of garlic. 
  • cover it
  • LADY FINGER is ready. 

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