In ancient age,
#there was a king named Uttanpad.
#He had 2 queens.
#both of them had 1-1 son.
#King was loved only that son, #which was little. Little son’s mother was cruel. 

#Cruel mother didn’t want that  DHRUV sat near his father. 

#Once Dhruv was sat in father, s lap, she came and picked and pushed Dhruv.

Dhruv  was being unhappy. 

#He wept and  told, 

I want to sit there. 

Dhruv’s mother  said, 

GOD is our father father, go and sit near him. 

Dhruv went out in the search of GOD, 

A shining star near SAPT rishi mandal is Dhruv. 

           SANGHARSH -112


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